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IGAB is a children’s charity serving the needs of disadvantaged children Australia-wide.

Because we insist that 100% of public donations to individual appeals goes directly to the children, we need to operate very leanly. Both our QLD and VIC offices are housed in home offices. We pay award wages with no bonuses. We don’t attend conferences and we don’t ever pay for any form of advertising. Every cent we spend is scrutinised. Our accounts are independently audited and almost everything we use has been supplied free of charge from one of our amazing business supporters.

IGAB is fully endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as both a Tax Concession Charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient.


IGAB was founded by Barb Blashki in 2009. In 2008, Barb was drawn to a couple of media articles – both dealing with the same problem in different States; financially disadvantaged families who had terminally ill children, and who could not afford to provide their dying child with the vital equipment that they needed to improve the quality of – and perhaps even extend the length of, their lives.

Further investigation revealed a truly shocking gap in our existing health and welfare systems. Children across Australia who suffered from life threatening illnesses – and those with severe disabilities – were very well looked after during the times that they are sick enough to require hospitalisation but, for the most part, the families were on their own.

Most of the children required numerous pieces of specialised – and extremely expensive – aids and equipment and if their families could afford such items, all well and good but what happened to the children whose parents couldn’t afford the equipment? Sadly, for most of these children, they did without.

Fast forward a few years to the incoming NDIS and the picture for these children is much, much better. There are still gaps (the NDIS will only part-fund many items, will not cover equipment for use outside the home at all – no special seating and equipment to allow integration into mainstream schools for example) and it is still several years away from being implemented in all locations.

But just as those children’s needs start to be better addressed, the unmet needs of another group of disadvantaged children comes to light – those affected by domestic violence. And so IGAB’s work continues…

What We Do

When a child is diagnosed with a life-changing condition, every family faces the heartbreaking realisation that so many of their hopes and dreams will simply never be…

For some parents, those that face financial challenges, there is a second, gut-wrenching realisation; they cannot provide their child with everything they need to live their lives in comfort and with dignity. It’s an enormous sense of failure; failure to provide for their child in their utmost time of need.

Technically, IGAB is a children’s charity, but it is more than that; we bring relief not just to children but to parents too. We take away the pain that comes with not being able to provide for their children and, importantly, we give them more time to just simply hold their children, rather than spending their time on fundraising activities.

We fund equipment, therapies and services that improve the quality of, and in some cases extend the length of, the lives of these very special children.

Our core work is assisting children from financially disadvantaged families who are living with a life-altering illness or condition. We fund and/or provide the therapeutic equipment, therapies and services necessary to ensure each child’s dignity and comfort – items prescribed by the treating medical team but out of the financial reach of the family.

We are unlike any other children’s charity in that we run individual appeals for each child assisted – raising a specific amount of money to pay for the specific piece of equipment or service needed for that particular child.

In addition to our core appeal-based work we also run three ongoing programs:

Our Board

Barb Blashki – Director & Founder

Peter Blashki – Director & Chair

Liat Watson – Director

Brooke Haigh – Director & Company Secretary

Clare Rose – Director