Apply for Funding

We help children who have ‘fallen through the cracks’ of our existing health and welfare systems and who cannot get the support they so desperately need via any other means.

We don’t discriminate. We want to support as many kids as we can – in as many different ways as we can. Most of the children that we assist have life-altering health conditions but this is not a requirement. As long as your child’s need for assistance can be independently verified, it doesn’t matter what caused their disadvantage – whether it be health related, be domestic violence related or poverty related – we’re here to help.

There are two primary ways that we assist families:

Conducting Public Appeals for Individual Children

For Public Appeals we create an public online appeal for each individual child to raise a specific amount of money to pay for a specific item (or service). We promote this appeal to our wonderful donors via this website, our facebook page and our email newsletter. We keep the appeal open until the funds are raised. The maximum appeal target is currently limited to $5,000. Our community is very small and we struggle to raise more than this in any given appeal. There are no fees charged for conducting a public appeal – we don’t even deduct the credit card fees we incur in processing donations. 100% of donations go straight to the appeal.

Conducting Private Appeals for Individual Children

Private Appeals are for those families who have a large support base of family and friends. Launching a Private Appeal for your child is similar to creating a GoFundMe (or similar platform) page with a couple of significant differences:

  • all donations of $2 or more made to the appeal are tax deductible for the donor
  • the fee charged for hosting the page and processing the donations benefits a charity instead of being paid to a commercial for-profit entity

We do not actively promote Private Appeals to our donors. A Private Appeal page is created to facilitate the collection of donations from your supporter base and you are given the link to that page to circulate. For these appeals we charge a 10% management fee. There is no limit to the appeal target amount.

Minimum Criteria

We can only help children who meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The child is under the age of 18
  2. The child:
    • is an Australian citizen, or
    • has a permanent residency visa for Australia, or
    • is currently living in Australia and seeking a permanent residency visa or citizenship (for example children of refugees and asylum seekers), or
    • was born in Australia to parents from New Zealand who are affected by the permanent residency change of rules issue
  3. The child is in acute or serious need of help
  4. The child’s circumstances can be independently verified
  5. The family is experiencing financial hardship making it impossible for them to fund the items themselves
  6. The child lives in an area not yet covered by the NDIS *
  7. The child lives in an area where the NDIS will not become available within 6 months of the date of the application.* Click here to check the NDIS rollout schedule.

* Applies to children with disability related disadvantage only

Therapeutic Equipment & Services Limitations

We can only assist with:

  1. items for which Government funding is not available
  2. items for which Government funding is available but the waiting list for that funding is very long and the child’s condition is expected to deteriorate before that funding becomes available
  3. items that the child does not already have (i.e. we cannot help with funding a newer model of a piece of equipment that the child already has – unless that newer model has a feature that is considered vital to the child’s well-being)
  4. payment of supplier invoices – we never, under any circumstances, pay funds directly to the family.

Examples of equipment and services that we will consider funding include:

  • Second Skin Body Splints
  • Supportive Seating
  • Postural Support Aids – including Walking and Standing Frames
  • Assistive Technologies & Equipment
  • Specialised Car Seats
  • Specialised Beds & Sleep Systems
  • In-home Nursing Care
  • Specialist Speech Therapy
  • Motorised Change Tables
  • Specialised Bicycles and Tricycles
  • Specialist Swimming Lessons
  • Prescribed Therapies and Tuition

Examples of equipment and services that we cannot fund:

  • home modifications
  • wheelchair accessible vehicle purchase
  • vehicle modifications
  • Assistance Dogs and Therapy Dogs – we have previously assisted families with these costs but as of March 1st 2017 can no longer do so. IGAB’s focus has to be on raising funds for families – not for other charities.
  • overseas medical treatments
  • unproven medical therapies
  • services provided by other charities
  • training of kindergarten and school teachers
  • equipment for use at the child’s school
  • travel and accommodation costs
  • general household expenses
  • holidays

If you have read all of the above information and would like to apply for funding on behalf of a child please you can access an application form here. If your child does not meet our criteria, click here for a list of other organisations that may be able to help you.