Chilli’s Trike

Meet Chilli. This gorgeous 5 year old boy lives not just with Autism but with an intellectual disability, sensory processing disorder, balance and muscle tone issues. He has four siblings – two of which also have their own significant health issues – so life is extremely busy and challenging for his mum who is Chilli’s full-time carer.

The family loves going on outings to the park and on long walks. All of Chilli’s siblings have bikes but Chilli’s balance problems prevent him from riding a normal bike and so he feels very left-out when all the other kids hop on their bikes and have enormous fun.

Many of our long-term donors will remember that IGAB has funded specialised trikes in the past for several children and this appeal has been launched to fund one of those super-duper-life-changing trikes for Chilli.

Update: On March 11th, 2017 Chilli's Appeal was completed - HUGE thanks to everyone that supported this wonderful little boy.