Sunshine Swags Christmas 2017

In December 2017, IGAB supported two fourteen-year-old students in their quest to support a group of refugee children in Brisbane.

Aceda and Paje have written their own wording for this appeal and we hope that you will find it in your hearts to support them in their wonderful goal.

Refugees often arrive on our shorelines with no more than the clothes they wear. Some don’t even have their families.This Christmas, we will be heading down to a small support centre in Brisbane, (Romero centre), to brighten up the worlds of 47 refugee children in need.

These particular immigrated families have no visa, and therefore have been blocked from having any source of  income. Parents can’t even afford to buy things as simple as pens and paper for their kids to take to school, meaning they are left without an education.

We will be holding several fundraising events to then go and buy pens and paper, and sports equipment for all the 47 children. But there is another element to this campaign, and this is where IGAB comes in… the famous Sunshine Swags! In addition to raising funds for school supplies through cupcake and nachos stalls at our school, we would like each child to receive a Sunshine Swag – a large backpack full of amazing things to help to brighten the lives of children in dire circumstances – a comfort toy, toiletries and personal care items, books, games, activity packs and lots of other everyday essentials.

The Sunshine Swags cost about $100 each to put together, meaning we need to raise $4700, which is unfortunately too much for us to raise alone with our cupcakes stalls. And, this is where you come in! Our goal is to raise that entire $4700 before Christmas Day… purely from IGAB donations! Your donations are greatly appreciated!!