Get Involved

Truly, there are just SO many ways for you to help the IGAB kids – here are just a few:

First Step: Join the IGAB community

This simply means sign-up to receive our semi-regular email newsletter. We rarely send it more often than once every 2-3 weeks. We don’t send spam and we don’t EVER pass on your details to anyone else. Simply enter your details in the box below the Testimonials on the right hand side of this page and click on the Sign Up button. Too easy.

Make a Donation

Give a buck now, later, just once, every month, give more, give less, choose how we spend it, leave the decision to us, whatever you prefer – it’s all good with us! We’ll put every cent to good use. Promise.

Become a Champion

As you might just expect from the name, IGAB Champions, these folk champion our cause; they challenge themselves to raise funds for us, create a fundraising page on our website, and generally just do good things to help the kids and spread awareness of our work. Find out more…

Become a Business Champion

Without Business Champions there would be no IGAB. Truly. We operate on what we think is a very cool model. 100% of public appeal donations go straight to the IGAB children. Yep, 100%. We don’t even deduct the merchant fees we are charged to receive those donations. In order to do that, we ask the business community to cover our administration costs. So, if you own a business and you like what we do, maybe there’s a way you can help to make sure we can keep doing it. We’ve got loads of ideas, large and small. Some that won’t even cost you a single cent. To find out more, hop on over to the Become a Business Champion page.

Host a Collection Box

Do you work somewhere that you think might be a good place to have a collection box? We’d love to hear from you! Visit the Host a Collection Box page to find out more about how easy this is.

Make a Bequest

One thing most of us want to do is to make sure that in some way we personally did something to make the world a better place for us having been in it. Supporting a charity in your Will can be an excellent way of achieving this. Read more here.