I Give a Buck

We’re a children’s charity like no other.

We have 3 focus areas: Children’s Appeals, our iPads Program and our Sunshine Swags Program.

Children’s Appeals – We create a separate appeal for every child we help – raising a particular amount, to purchase a particular item, for a particular child – you get to see exactly who you are helping, and how. We ask you to give just $1, a buck, that’s it. A little from many is all it takes, to change kids’ lives. 100% of every donation to a child’s appeal goes to the child. Our admin costs are covered by our business supporters, grant funding and other fundraising activities.

iPads Program – We provide iPads to children from financially disadvantaged homes who are living with a life-altering condition that requires them to access specialist apps in order to communicate and to reach their maximum potential. Government funding is available for the apps but not the iPads required to run those apps.

Sunshine Swags Program – When children affected by domestic violence enter a Safe House, many arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and leave the same way. We provide those children swag full of everyday essentials to help meet their immediate emotional wellbeing and personal hygiene needs. Everything in the swag is theirs to keep.