I Give a Buck

We’re a children’s charity like no other.

100% of every donation to a child’s appeal goes to the child. Our admin costs are covered by our business supporters, grant funding and other fundraising activities.

We create a separate appeal for every child we help – raising a particular amount, to purchase a particular item, for a particular child – you get to see exactly who you are helping, and how.

We ask you to give just $1, a buck, that’s it. A little from many is all it takes, to change kids’ lives.

We also assist children affected by domestic violence. When they enter a safe house, many  children arrive with nothing and leave with nothing. Our Sunshine Swags Program provides children entering safe houses with a swag full of everyday essentials that they can take with them when they leave.

Our K.I.T Program aims to provide every safe house across Australia with a computer specifically for the children’s use. A child-safe computer to allow them to continue with their schoolwork whilst in transit to a permanent home.