Thank you Britax and Safe-n-Sound!

When we are buying products for the wonderful little IGAB kiddies, it’s very rare that we come across suppliers who are willing to discount their products for us. It’s even rarer to find a company that’s willing to donate the products entirely – but that’s what the wonderful folk at Britax have just done. By sheer coincidence, we have two kiddies at the moment both requiring super supportive car booster seats – Tara and Amy. Both their occupational therapists recommended the same brand and model of booster seat – the Safe-n-Sound Encore 10 (we think that speaks volumes for how good the booster seat must be). It’s standard practice for us to do a quick ring around to see if we can get a discount of some kind and when I told the girls’ stories to Britax (they make the booster seats) – straight away they offered to not only donate the seats to both families – but to deliver them too! Now THAT’S service!  A whopping thanks from IGAB and both families. Click on the logo below to see the Britax product range. Britax dual branding logo 4 colour