Amelia’s Appeal ends!

Due to privacy restrictions surrounding this beautiful little angel’s case there are lots of things that I’d really like to tell you but simply can’t.

Here’s what I can tell you:

To protect her identity we called her ‘Amelia’.

Amelia has an Acquired Brain Injury – an injury that she received in a non-accidental way.

The damage that her brain suffered left her with permanent disabilities. She has very limited ability to move independently and displays significant spasticity in both her upper and lower limbs. Amelia will need significant specialist therapy support and adaptive equipment for the rest of her life.

Short term goals for Amelia include her learning to sit on the floor with decreasing levels of support and learning to stand and walk with assistance.

In order to assist with these goals, Amelia needed a Second Skin Body Suit to keep her body upright and symmetrical when sitting and standing and she needed a supportive chair with an activity table so that she could sit safely and access play activities and therapies on the built-in table top.

Thanks to some funding support from Second Skin, we could purchase Amelia’s suit at the reduced price of $1,610. The cost of the chair and table was $1,762.

Two days after launching the appeal, the Victorian Government agreed to fund Amelia’s chair so we now only needed to fund her Second Skin Suit. Since we’d already raised enough to do that, her appeal was closed. The extra funds raised will be kept to assist with Amelia’s future needs – of which there will be many.

Thank you so much to everyone for helping. It only took 2 days to make this little dream come true. Just terrific!

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