Mahaylia’s Appeal ends!

Mahaylia is a delightful little girl who has delays across all areas of development due to a very rare chromosomal abnormality. She needs intensive input and therapy in order to prepare her for all aspects of daily life – including getting her ready for school next year!

Mahaylia has a very loving and supportive family who give all their time and resources to ensure that Mahaylia has every opportunity to reach her potential – something that every parent wants for their children.

The last couple of years have been difficult for Mahaylia’s family and their resources are fully stretched. Unfortunately, Mahaylia is not able to access government funding for her therapies because her rare chromosomal abnormality has not been included in the current list of qualifying conditions due to the fact that so few children in Australia have the condition.

One of the key therapies for Mahaylia this year will be speech therapy. It is absolutely vital that she is able to have a chance to participate in mainstream education – and that she can do so with confidence that her classmates and teacher can understand her; that she ‘fits-in’ and can have the opportunity to be the social little girl that she so desperately wants to be.

It is devastating for her parents to watch Mahaylia being left out of friendship groups at kindergarten because she is so difficult to understand at the moment. Mahaylia has no friends at kinder, no friends’ parties to attend.

We needed $3,480 to ensure that little Mahaylia could receive a fortnightly speech therapy session throughout the year to give her that chance to be more like all the other children when she starts school this year. So thrilled that we were able to reach that target for Mahaylia – thanks everyone!

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